Carnal Release

The capricious charisma,in my
Mind of thy cloying smile
Is penetrating into my being.

Am I a hedonist? An
Idiosyncratic of your tastes
Trying to attain nirvana in
The summer of your abdomen.

For how long will you, assure
The false panacea to soothe my
Soul,but not my body.

Are you afraid of the stigma
In your suave obligations,about
My presence when we burn together
In my callipygian adventures.

Embrocation of your snake
Petted,training in your mouth
On mine,is becoming fugacious.

Lassitude didn’t kiss you,when
I begged for a volume, but still
That snake of yours gripped mine
Now the lower one,to make me inure.

I know why you hesitate to sign
On the palimpsest of my propinquity,
I hope you get poisoned. By that other snake!!!

(C)Sapling of Dawn

Evening Approaching

Chatting away the ochre afternoon,
The sky becomes a vermillion bride moving
To summon a west wind out of
Old wives tale, who now begin to return
To their nests to get punctured.

Yonder,atop the hillside, two sly
Sparkles steal into the vegetation to
Devise the robbery of penchant senses
With his serrated tongue, dripping
And craving incessantly from wee hours.

Old man at the wharf, packs his catch
Enough for tomorrow, with a dismal grin
Returns home and dies silently in the
Garlanded cardboards of his fragmented
Existence, as is the routine.

Exploring the corners of the town,
The old bard pushes some into it
And presents himself in pure fascination
To make his intestines thrive
In the impending doom of day.

Waiting in the tracks for her life
To return some day,the draped and veiled
Purity in black, mingles in the darkness
Where the unseen salivating skinhounds
Savour every dimension of her.

Night has ascended to our kind to slumber,
Whilst its charm is detected by a
Little enthusiastic chirp who flies towards
The shimmering orb,hanging in the sky
To find the man in the moon.

(C)Sapling of Dawn

Rebirth of my Reflection

My Reflection was too shy to show itself,
I tried but faltered,then it told me
To fetch sweet tears from my tigers.
Fulminated me,for inhaling ,crude
Skepticism and exulting curves,wished
Me to dream in fluorescent clouds.
Told me to become,a petal of lavender
And welcome messengers of love to embrace
And dress them with yellow hopes for life.
I need not be sultry,it chuckled,to shine
In those eyes,eternally mischievous,but should be
Able to intensify their veins,just by a twinkle.
Called me to revive the withering fantasies, as
It was afraid to become a silhouette, to lose its
Pristine youth,in the frantic convulsions.
Tells me to fill my denizens,with love
And fall for that Cindrella, vanished in pretentions
To kiss me through the mirror everyday.

(C)Sapling of Dawn

Portrait of the Fallen

My clock is not ticking,
Hesitating,to move into tomorrow
Entraps my present in His theme.
Every step brings floating affection
As I advance in the crude constituency
Of His system,barefeet,but the
Thorns are real and the pain
Is so unreal for me to bear.
In the vanilla sky behind me
Those swindlers of my assets,
Douse me with shame and lies
As I fall,get entangled in the web,
A sign of being demarcated by
The higher elements.
Now I am being stared upon
By the legacy of Him,judged
But I never knew that
Their dilated pupils are despising
My eyes,my body,my skin.

(C)Sapling of Dawn

Twilight Thirst

The sun is setting
While you are holding my hand
The moon is rising
Giving me a wink beforehand
Because every look,every touch
Makes me shiver and blush
Breeding in me an appetite
for your skin,kissed by the sun.
Your stare is another delicacy
Which I want to savour,but
But I cannot in that celibacy
Of my goosebumps.
Your hand is so warm
As you move it across my jawline
I stare at you,you at me
As I enter into your shrine.
The flavour of your breath
Is what my lungs crave
But then the heavens fell
And I woke up from my grave.

(C)Sapling of Dawn

Ode To Springtime

A blitz among the metronome of seasons
Arriving to complete the odyssey in
The epitaph of winter whites,bringing a
Lush tint in the doe eyed visages.

The scarlet robin now,spans the heather
For the ecstatic squirms,who have left
The slumber behind to taste
The juices of the new world.

Underneath the breaking ice,the lambent trout,
Swims and swirls in the eddies about,
Cleverly escapes the little John’s slings,
Aims for the wharf,where the meadowlark sings.

In the bluebell sprinkles by the brook
Where two hearts, last era,partook
Now make love in lively spright,
Till their bud blossoms bright.

Happiness is the season’s gift,
Where sweet dreams lie adrift
To bloom into fragrant memories
For thy thirsty mind to appease.

Solace to the taciturn extremes
A lover of Gaia,an entice
To her children,begins to wane
Only to return
To make her a heaven again.


Every time you touch,it
Feels shattering because
You are unconscious
Lost in someone’s dream.

It is tantalizing, when you
Exclaim the things to me
I look at you in wet fascination
Only this time I can’t sense you.

My window is waiting for your hand
Where you watered my bower of
Fantasies,looking towards the sun
Praying for a blossom.

As I wanted to smile through
You avoided,unaware of mypresence
Crumpled the bud when you found
Another in full bloom.

My pillow is soggy because I
Had been expecting too much,and
You were just standing,
That grin of yours is confusing

I dream your affirmative stare
To live by acting because
I am a withering bloom
And you,my unaware gardener.